Karls Berzins
I like to live, But it was not always
I do not have the proper education in art with what I could be proud. I do not have certificate from the famous exhibitions or contests. But one thing I can say for sure, that's I like/enjoy what I do.
I spent my childhood in a small village at Latvian countryside. That gave me opportunity to enjoy countryside life. With, cockerel songs early in the morning. With fresh white milk from the cow. Also, with work at the farm.
Right now I live in Leeds. The town can be proud of Victorian time building. It takes a red color in abundance. With something over and over again. Row after row. For all the streets along... I am grateful for this opportunity.
We should create a harmonious surrounding around ourselves. And my belief is that the every days things should be comfortable, beautiful and long serving. It is not hard if you are watchful, but experience shows the right solution.